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Dental bonding & composite dental fillings

Dental bonding and composite fillings improve and restore your smile.



Dental bonding corrects aesthetic flaws in your smile, and composite dental fillings fill in cavities to make your teeth healthier. 

We offer dental bonding and composite dental fillings to repair flaws and cavities in your smile. We utilize composite resin in both treatments to match the natural color of your teeth.

We use composite dental fillings as an option for a more natural looking filling. During the filling process, we will numb the area and then remove the decayed areas of the tooth. We will then clean the tooth and fill the areas left by cavities with composite resin, hardening the resin afterward.


In addition to matching the color of your teeth, composite dental fillings are less likely to fracture and will provide insultation, protecting the tooth from being sensitive to temperature changes.



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