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Meet Dr. Matute

All about our amazing doctor

Dr. Bernard Matute

Your General Dentist, DDS

Dr. Matute received his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of the Philippines in Manila, Philippines. He then obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.


Aside from dentistry, Dr. Matute loves spending quality time with his beautiful wife, Aileen, and 2 energetic boys, Ari and Bode. They enjoy being outside as a family and he loves teaching his kids outdoor activities such as basketball, car racing, swimming and climbing. In addition to exploring outdoor activities, they love exploring new cities by taking in the cuisine.


  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia - D.D.S. Doctor of Dental Surgery

  • University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines - D.M.D. Doctor of Dental Medicine

Volunteer Experience

  • Philippines, Participated in numerous medical and dental missions in rural communities providing
    multiple tooth extractions and health screenings

  • Healthy Mouth, Ran the Healthy Mouth program in western Massachusetts that involves oral
    health screenings and education, as well as setting up members of the community for routine
    dental care

  • Day of Service, Annual event that involves administering complimentary dental care to the veterans of our community

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